3 Day MBA in Rail

Who will benefit

  • Rail operators
  • Banks
  • Consultancy firms
  • Law firms
  • Investors
  • Government and regulators
  • Suppliers
  • Infrastructure managers

Who's attending

  • C-Level Executives: CEO, CFO, COO
  • Business Development and Sales
  • Marketing & Public Relations
  • Investor Relations
  • Strategic Planners
  • Lawyers
  • Procurement and Sourcing
  • Analysts
  • Human Resources

Get up to speed with the rail industry in just three days - take the 3 Day MBA in Rail

At the 3 Day MBA in Rail our expert trainer will walk you through the complex world of the global rail industry. Whether you’re moving up in rail – or are new to it as a manager, investor or advisor - this mini-MBA will help you explore how the sector works and its future direction in just three days.

The 3 Day MBA in Rail is designed to bridge knowledge gaps and provide you with true business advantage. It is most useful to new entrants, senior managers needing a big picture refresher and professional advisors and suppliers. We make it all easy – leading you through the economic, regulatory, investment and operating aspects of rail.

In just three days you will:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the rail industry and how it operates in different continents and economic environments
  • Master the technical terms and technologies used in rail for more effective communication with colleagues, partners and clients
  • Understand the critical areas of capital and operational costs
  • Fully understand the risks and opportunities in this rapidly expanding sector
  • Gain full insight into the latest issues in the rail industry
  • Develop your skills in economic appraisal and risk analysis
  • Embrace existing and future clean technologies and innovation
  • Understand future operator strategy and business issues
3 Day MBA in Rail
a short overview

choose how to take the course:

Online courses

Online courses

This course is available as an online course, available year around on demand.

Scheduled courses

Scheduled courses

Our short face-to-face courses run throughout the year, across the globe

14-16 May 2014
Hong Kong
26-28 May 2014
3-5 June 2014
15-17 September 2014
26-28 October 2014
17-19 November 2014
24-26 November 2014

Agenda overview

Day 1: Rail industry essentials

Industry overview
Explore the history of rail, global dynamics, how rail is regulated, and industry objectives and competition.

Mastering terminology
Understand the different types of systems, equipment and terminology used in the rail industry.

High speed
Understand what ‘high speed’ means, the limits of high speed, and whether we really need new lines.

The way ahead – future technologies
Discover developments in signalling, train control and driverless operations as well as lighter, greener and safer rolling stock.

Day 2: Evaluate the rail industry today and tomorrow

Key players
Learn about the suppliers, operating companies, laws and regulations as well as the successes and futures of privatisation.

Financial and commercial drivers
Review the economic and financial drivers from industry KPI’s and cash flow, to balance sheets and accounting concepts.

Operating railways: day-to-day challenges
Understand the challenges of running a railway, budgeting, maintenance and renewals as well as revenue enhancement and protection.

Project appraisal – refresh the key principles
Discover the measures and methods of project appraisal as well as cash flow forecasting, appraisal methods and decision-making criteria.

Day 3: Understanding and developing new rail projects

New rail projects - feasibility and cost studies
Learn about feasibility studies, costs benefit analysis, project appraisals, risks, and screening appraisals.

Handling and managing risk in rail
Understand the dependence on single source contractors, risk identification, and the ‘one at a time’ approach.

Financing rail projects
Discover the banks’ view of the sector, equity investor perspectives, acquisitions and consolidation and negotiation issues surrounding rail projects.

Future trends
Learn about the future global directions of the rail industry as well as sector megatrends and the skills needed to keep you ahead of the competition.