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3 day Masterclass

M&A for Board Directors


Become an M&A-competent board director

This course will give you the tools to fulfil your role effectively in merger and acquisition transactions, and beyond that to improve merger and acquisition governance and management processes, through better risk management, approval processes and a more systematic strategic assessment of deals.

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develop new skills

Learn how to assess process integrity and adequacy of M&A strategy and strategic fit

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expand your knowledge

Understand what makes successful deals and how performing boards get involved

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get the latest insight

Hear about the latest developments in M&A governance and global trends putting pressure on directors to perform better

Learn the ins and outs of M&A Governance

This 3-day course teaches board directors how to properly set up for M&A governance and how to fulfil their duties through the appropriate review, supervision, support and approval processes.  You will also gain understanding of the value creators and destroyers associated with M&A transactions.

In just 3 days you will:

  • Recognise how corporate governance requirements affect the M&A process
  • Understand the different parts of M&A governance and how increased and fine-tuned board involvement adds value to the acquiring company
  • Learn the intricacies and best practices of M&A transactions throughout the deal lifecycle, from strategy development to origination, execution and post-deal integration
  • Grasp the key issues to consider when developing M&A governance processes, including deal review and approval processes as well as how boards can effectively supervise and support the deal team
  • Understand the key concepts behind a sound M&A risk management system
  • Become able to communicate effectively with management to ensure information flows are appropriate to enable decision-making
  • Gain a complete overview of mergers & acquisitions activities from a global perspective

Organisations that will benefit:

  • All companies with M&A aspirations
  • Development Banks
  • Stock Exchanges
  • Securities Commission
  • Private Equity
  • Venture Capital
  • Investment Banks
  • Institutional Investors
  • Transaction Advisers
  • Consultants
  • Law firms
  • Accountants
  • Auditors
  • Retailers

Who will attend:

  • Board Directors
  • Investment Committee Members
  • Corporate Finance

Course Agenda

  • Corporate governance and M&A transactions – where does M&A governance fit in?
  • The importance and trends of M&A governance – pressure from regulators and investors, M&A performance and structural changes
  • M&A strategy – how does M&A add or destroy value; what is a sound M&A strategy?
  • Origination and setting up an M&A team – the foundation for good M&A governance
  • Origination case study
  • Deal processes – how they can work to your advantage or put pressure on your company
  • The Letter of Intent and its strategic importance
  • Valuation methods and pricing beyond numbers
  • Pricing case study
  • Funding transactions
  • M&A negotiations and negotiation strategy
  • Integration – challenges and best practices
  • M&A governance processes for a value-adding and learning organisation
  • Setting up approval processes and using committees appropriately
  • M&A risk management – the three risk levels and how to manage them
  • Deal review processes – ensuring the optimal level of detail and focus
  • Ensuring strategic fit using a robust framework
  • Supporting the deal and the M&A initiative – lessons from top performers
  • Wrap-up simulation
  • The aftermath: Key considerations on subsidiary governance

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  • “The depth and knowledge of my trainer was extremely impressive. In 3 days I have had, without a doubt, a masterclass on the industry. Truly world class.”

    - Gordon Dowall Potter, Past Delegate

  • “Well worth 3 days of study!”

    - Syed Hamza, Past Delegate

  • “The training was excellent! I give it a 10 and will get my trainer's support for my next challenges.”

    - Head of Partnerships & Customer Loyalty at Avis Budget, Past Delegate

  • “Extremely constructive course with a very good dynamic and passionate trainer.”

    - Managing Director at BNP Paribas, Past Delegate

  • “Impressive and cooperative trainer who wanted to make sure the delegates understood.”

    - Budgeting, Planning & Reporting Manager, Past Delegate


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