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Top marketers agree: It is time to move beyond the brand-is-our-logo mindset. This three day training course will help you build an effective brand strategy that truly resonates with customers and drives financial performance through unified design, communications, behaviour and multisensory tools.

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Understand why defining brand values that align with target customers is crucial when writing your strategic brand plan

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Develop your strategic brand plan with neuroscientific knowledge

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Learn unique insights on how to profile your customers more effectively in your strategic brand plan

take charge of your brand identity.

This highly interactive 3 Day Masterclass in Branding will use the “Strategic Brand Plan Canvas” to help you develop a robust brand strategy for your business. The Canvas is a practical management tool that will take you step-by-step, through the process of defining your brand. You will then look at how to express your brand in a cohesive, unified way across all channels.

The Canvas will help your organisation structure its approach to branding, move beyond the brand-is-our-logo mindset, and build a brand that drives customer enagement and conversion.

In just 3 days you will:

  • Avoid brand jargon that will alienate key stakeholders in HR and finance functions
  • Obtain unique insights on how to profile your customers more effectively in your strategic brand plan
  • Identify brand personas your brand should target
  • Underpin your strategic brand plan with neuroscientific knowledge
  • Realise why understanding the “jobs” your target customers need to get done can drive brand innovation
  • Understand why defining brand values that align with target customers is crucial when writing your strategic brand plan
  • Distinguish between your brand’s benefits and features when writing your strategic brand plan
  • Enhance your brand’s ability to move into new categories and / or markets
  • Know how to position your brand so you carve out a distinctive space in your target customers’ mind

Organisations that will benefit:

  • All Forward Thinking Companies
  • Retailers
  • Service Providers
  • Telecoms Operators
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Banks & Lawyers
  • Technology Providers

Who will attend:

  • Brand Sales & Marketing
  • Business Development & Sales
  • Channel Marketing
  • Digital Communications/Marketing
  • Retail Marketing
  • Account Managers

Course Agenda

  • Introduction
  • Speed Networking
  • Structuring Your Strategic Brand Plan
  • Profiling Your Target Customer And Exploring Your Brand Context
  • Clarifying The Substance Of Your Brand
  • Establishing The Business Case for Your Brand Plan
  • Identifying Sources Of Value In Your Brand
  • Defining your Brand Values
  • Articulating your brand essence
  • Clarifying your brand promise
  • Establishing your brand positioning
  • Stating value proposition
  • Understanding your brand experience
  • Building A Holistic Service Brand Experience
  • Brand Personality
  • Corporate Visual Identity
  • Consistent Communications
  • Human Resource Initiatives
  • Employee & Customer Engagement
  • Multisensory Branding
  • Brand Portfolio Management
  • Understanding And Applying Brand Metrics At Your Organization
  • Wrap up

For further information please call: +44 (0)207 092 1045

  • “Very good & excellent trainer - was an eye-opener for me that helped me realise business opportunities”

    - Brunei Investment Agency, Assistant General Manager

  • “Darren is very patient, a good listener and offers great solutions in Branding to the company. He was very good at sharing knowledge”

    - Armada Properties Sdn Bhd, SMD Officer

  • “Darren is a great trainer. Witty and very engaging. Importantly very knowledgeable and has sound understanding of Asian markets”

    - Singapore Prison Services, Manager - Corporate Communications & Branding

  • “Darren was a great trainer, helped me a lot in differentiating between something that is dry product driven versus something that is brand driven.”

    - Asiafoods Cooperation,Brand manager

  • “I would love to attend other courses with Terrapinn”

    - Banta Furniture Company, Public Relations & Marketing Director


We can come to you too! If you have a team of six or more, why not hold a private course? Our experts come to you and the course is tailored to your requirements.

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or emma-jane.dinan@terrapinn.com (Asia Pacific)
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