Singapore, 5-7 Aug 2019

3 day Masterclass

Agribusiness Asia



This 3 Day Masterclass provides an overview of the whole agribusiness value chain, from life sciences and farming to food processing and retailing. You will develop key skills in strategic analysis through a number of case studies drawn from different parts of the value chain.

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Numerous topical case studies and exercises


A practical and highly interactive 3 day training course with numerous topical case studies and exercises, designed to build comprehensive understanding on the production, distribution and marketing of agricultural commodities, agribusiness lending and investment and risk management. 


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In just 3 days you will:

  • Learn how the world’s largest industry works
  • How to feed the world – and profit from it – over the next two decades
  • Understand how crops and livestock are integrated into the global value chain
  • Research individual case studies into agricultural lending and investment
  • Value and model agribusinesses

Meet your instructor

Julian Roche is an international financial trainer and management consultant with over 20 years of business experience working for financial institutions, multinational corporations and as well as government agencies. Julian’s expertise lies in the valuation, investment analysis and modelling in Australia, Asia and Middle East.

Organisations that will benefit:

  • Farming Companies
  • Land Investing Companies
  • Life Science Companies
  • Commodity Producers
  • Food Companies
  • Hedge Funds
  • Suppliers
  • Commodity Traders & Exchanges
  • Banks
  • Lawyers
  • Government: Agribusiness Ministries & Regulators

Who will attend:

  • C-level Executives: CEO, CFO, COO
  • Agribusiness Managers
  • Commodities Managers
  • Farmers
  • Business Development & Sales
  • Marketing Managers
  • Environmental Managers
  • Public Relations
  • Procurement & Sourcing

Course Agenda

  • Why does agriculture matter so much?
  • Case Study: Agriculture in Asia-Pac and its contribution to GDP
  • The Green Revolution and its aftermath in Asia-Pac
  • Agricultural Commodities and markets
  • Case Study: the contribution of agriculture to trade and trade balances in Asia-Pac
  • The State of Global Agriculture in 2016
  • Case Study: The Australian Government’s Agriculture White Paper and lessons to be learned
  • Food, Agriculture, and Natural Resource Policy
  • Group discussion: agriculture and politics in Asia-Pac - the crucial interface
  • Case Study: Importing and exporting wheat
  • Case Study: The Institute for Rice Research in the Philippines – should cassava have an equivalent?
  • Managing a Farm
  • Agrimaster, farm software, and excel models for farm management compared and contrasted
  • Case Study bank analysis of agribusiness lending opportunities
  • Marketing and Selling Agricultural Commodities
  • Case Study: Soybean logistics channels and pricing
  • Handling Agricultural Risk
  • Case Study – Derivative exchanges in London and the world – how can Asia-Pac agribusiness hedge its risk?
  • The Industry worldwide
  • Case Study: Supermarkets, fresh markets and prices in Asia-Pac
  • Case Study: Cargill, friend or foe?
  • Case Study: rice brokers worldwide
  • Case Study: Glencore takeover strategies
  • Investment appraisal and trading in agribusiness
  • Case Study: Evaluating a dairy investment model
  • Major exercise: Comparing investment opportunities in agribusiness
  • The future of agribusiness
  • Wrap

For further information please call: +44 (0)207 092 1045

  • “The depth and knowledge of my trainer was extremely impressive. In 3 days I have had, without a doubt, a masterclass on the industry. Truly world class.”

    - Gordon Dowall Potter, Past Delegate

  • “Well worth 3 days of study!”

    - Syed Hamza, Past Delegate

  • “The training was excellent! I give it a 10 and will get my trainer's support for my next challenges.”

    - Head of Partnerships & Customer Loyalty at Avis Budget, Past Delegate

  • “Extremely constructive course with a very good dynamic and passionate trainer.”

    - Managing Director at BNP Paribas, Past Delegate

  • “Impressive and cooperative trainer who wanted to make sure the delegates understood.”

    - Budgeting, Planning & Reporting Manager, Past Delegate


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