3 Day Masterclass in Blockchain 2.0 | Terrapinn Training

Singapore, 24-26 Jul 2017

3 day Masterclass

Blockchain 2.0

Identify top blockchain 2.0 projects Learn to interact and follow smart contracts, DAo's & Dapp's Create your own Blockchain 2.0 crypto currency

Learn how to use blockchain technology and prepare for the new internet

All companies will need to start preparing for the greatest technology innovation since the creation of the world wide web. They need a blockchain strategy that will keep them competitive as they lower costs and increase efficiencies. The topics covered in this course will provide a working understanding of the technology and a grasp of the landscape so they can be informed as they participate in this new frontier of a trustless Peer-to-Peer internet.

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Explore the latest shared platforms for the recording of financial events

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Learn about today's Blockchain 2.0, DLT use cases in financial services and how to use Blockchains for processing smart contracts

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Hands-on interaction with Blockchain 2.0 platforms, service's and wallets.

Learn about the latest blockchain projects, the features that set them apart and how to leverage them for personal or business use...

Blockchain technology is a rapidly developing space within the tech world. In two short years after Satoshi Nakamoto published his famous Bitcoin white paper the first Blockchain 2.0 projects started to come online. Today we have no fewer than 800 active Blockchain 2.0 projects attempting to improve on the original white paper. This course will help you navigate the landscape and identify which projects are truly innovative and a unique improvements of the original and most secure Blockchain.


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In just 3 days you will:

  • Identify the top Blockchain 2.0 projects
  • Learn to interact and follow smart contracts, DAO’s and Dapp’s.
  • Create your own Blockchain 2.0 crypto currency
  • Create Blockchain time stamped receipts of real world assets such as titles, certificates and contracts
  • Gain insights into how blockchain might be used in future and what this means for your organisation
  • Learn about the practical benefits of what the technology offers
  • Discover new and innovative solutions being developed on these platforms
  • Explore the potential risks and opportunities of existing and emerging solutions
  • Understand how other sectors are using blockchain
  • Who, why and what are investing in the technology

Meet your instructor

Carlos Sanchez is an Entrepreneur, Investor, CTO and Co-founder of iSolve.io and BlockRx.com His Company leverages Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts for Pharmaceutical supply chain management and Bio-Tech IP licensing. He consults Fortune 500 companies within banking, retail and Bio- Pharma that are incorporating Blockchain technology into their business process. He has been actively involved and working fulltime in the Blockchain space for over 4 years. He first became involved as a Bitcoin investor and Miner. Then evolved to other Blockchain projects such as Litecoin, Peercoin, Namecoin, Ethereum, Storj, Factom, Maidsafe and others. His technology career started over30 years ago in the US Navy as an Electronic Warfare, Cyber Security and Cryptography expert.

Organisations that will benefit:

  • Banks
  • Regulators
  • Merchants
  • Insurers
  • Retail companies
  • Payment platform companies
  • Business intelligence companies

Who will attend:

  • C-Level Executives: CEO, CTO, CIO, COO
  • Bitcoin Developers
  • Business Developers
  • Finance Managers
  • Transaction
  • Monetary Policy

Course Agenda

  • Big Picture Introduction
  • Speed Networking
  • Definition, Utility, Features and Examples of Blockchain 1.0
  • Satoshi Nakamoto White Paper Elements
  • 1st Generation Crypto Currency Examples
  • Tools for Discovering Blockchains, Hashing Algorithms, Hash Power and Prices
  • case Studies
  • Definition, Utility, Features and Examples of Blockchain 2.0 Platforms
  • Blockchain Api’s
  • Off Chain Micro Transactions
  • Metacoins
  • Smart Contracts
  • Digital Assets
  • Sidechains
  • Exercises
  • Bitcoin 3.0 applications beyond currency, finance, and markets.
  • Virtual Machines
  • Private Industry Blockchains
  • Smart Properties and Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Self Governing Systems
  • Distributed Autonomous Organizations (DAO)
  • Wrap

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  • “The depth and knowledge of my trainer was extremely impressive. In 3 days I have had, without a doubt, a masterclass on the industry. Truly world class.”

    - Gordon Dowall Potter, Past Delegate

  • “Well worth 3 days of study!”

    - Syed Hamza, Past Delegate

  • “The training was excellent! I give it a 10 and will get my trainer's support for my next challenges.”

    - Head of Partnerships & Customer Loyalty at Avis Budget, Past Delegate

  • “Extremely constructive course with a very good dynamic and passionate trainer.”

    - Managing Director at BNP Paribas, Past Delegate

  • “Impressive and cooperative trainer who wanted to make sure the delegates understood.”

    - Budgeting, Planning & Reporting Manager, Past Delegate


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