3 day Masterclass

Real Estate Markets

Understand and successfully model and analyse investments in real estate capital markets

New financial structures are making real estate one of the most exciting asset classes. Now that real estate has become the 11th GICS sector, investors are looking to capitalize on new investment opportunities. Your investment and risk teams need to understand opportunities, assets and capital structures in many different markets. All of these elements need to come together in a single portfolio model.

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address key challenges

Gain a better understanding of real estate investment vehicles

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develop new skills

Learn how to minimize cost of capital through securing the optimal mix of capital

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Back up your international real-estate investment strategy with an understanding of real estate capital markets

Understanding real estate instruments to back up your real estate investment strategy

This timely Real Estate Markets workshop will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the latest development in real estate markets, using 'live' case studies and hands-on simulation exercises. Our expert trainer “lives and breathes” the subject so you can be assured of gaining fresh insights into the latest thinking in Real Estate Markets.

In just 3 days you will:

  • Examine the various sources of capital in real estate investment
  • Learn the advantages and disadvantages of using public vs. private sources of capital
  • Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of using equity vs. debt sources of capital
  • Create value through various capital raising strategies in commercial real estate
  • Choose financial structure based on investment objectives
  • Position project to secure financing
  • Share risk and increase returns though partnership structures
  • Evaluate sources of capital in the context of international capital markets
  • Learn how to value REITs and model MBS
  • Evaluate risk and reward in the context of an international real estate capital markets

Organisations that will benefit:

  • Investment banks
  • Hotel Groups
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Property Developers
  • Private Equity
  • Property Consultants
  • Investors
  • Banks
  • Hedge Funds

Who will attend:

  • C-Level Executives
  • Project Managers
  • Real Estate Analysts
  • Financial Managers
  • Risks Managers
  • Investment Managers

Course Agenda

  • Speed Networking
  • Introduction to real estate investment
  • Real Estate Capital Markets
  • Real Estate Performance
  • Mortgage Backed Securities Products
  • Sources of Competitive Advantage in Investing in MBS
  • Structuring MBS
  • How does the analysis of MBS differ from the analysis of other debt instruments?
  • Alternative Mortgage Products
  • Alt-A MBS, IO MBS, residential ABS, customized MBS
  • Mortgage Derivatives: CMOs and Stripped MBS
  • MBS valuation and trading strategies
  • MBS, CMO and CDO recent performance
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts
  • REIT Preferred Stock
  • Private Real Estate Equity
  • Wrap

For further information please call: +44 (0)207 092 1045

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  • “The depth and knowledge of my trainer was extremely impressive. In 3 days I have had, without a doubt, a masterclass on the industry. Truly world class.”

    - Gordon Dowall Potter, Past Delegate

  • “Well worth 3 days of study!”

    - Syed Hamza, Past Delegate

  • “The training was excellent! I give it a 10 and will get my trainer's support for my next challenges.”

    - Head of Partnerships & Customer Loyalty at Avis Budget, Past Delegate

  • “Extremely constructive course with a very good dynamic and passionate trainer.”

    - Managing Director at BNP Paribas, Past Delegate

  • “Impressive and cooperative trainer who wanted to make sure the delegates understood.”

    - Budgeting, Planning & Reporting Manager, Past Delegate


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